Perşembe, Eylül 22, 2011

"Her şeyi bir yana bırakıyoruz söylene söylene."

“Fakat insanlar hiçbir şey bilmeyecekler.”
Max Ernst
ArrosaThank You
Last HarbourSerpents
Fosdyk WellArchover
Wayne HarrissAnymore

ClogsThom's Night Out
Troy von BalthazarDogs
Bluetile LoungeAmbered
JontAnother Door Closes
Matt ElliottThe Guilty Party

Pat Metheny GroupAu Lait 
RadiomanilaStrange Carousels
The String and ReturnPicture Ends
Dream City Film ClubPorno Paradiso
The Gentle WavesFalling From Grace

DeYarmond EdisonJackson and David
Grand ArchivesTorn Blue Foam Couch
Taro IwashiroRecollection Of Homicide
Low & Dirty ThreeDown By The River
Au Revoir BorealisAfter the Snowstorm

Two BicyclesI'm Not Afraid To Wait For You
Clint Eastwood & Jamie CullumGran Torino
TramNow We Can Get On With Our Own Lives
The AntlersEvery Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
Grace Cathedral ParkLatter Day Love Affairs and Everything Else You Would Hope To Forget