Cumartesi, Nisan 16, 2011

"Sanki ilk gözyaşının tarihini buldum, üstünü çizdim."

CoilTattooed Man
Brittle StarsSouvenir
RexAudrey La' Mort
mon insomniekeep love

Sports For Kingreen line
BélMezNavas de Tolosa
Peril HillVapours in August
CoboltWild Indian Summers
Acetate ZeroImperial Climb

marché la voidthem as pyros
Tren BrothersGold Star Berlin
The Gentleman LosersLaureline
Lift to ExperienceWaiting To Hit
SkywatchersKeep Watching The Sky

Alamooga EsinlenmelerRast Saz Semaisi
Pinetop SevenBorn Among the Born Again
Mystic Chords of MemoryBerry Creek Falls
PortisheadTheme From 'To Kill a Dead Man'
Lo FineMy Favorite Illusion (Not For Us Two)

Marianne FaithfullWho will take my dreams away
The Real Tuesday WeldThe Day Before You Came
The Dream AcademyPlease Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
Godspeed You! Black Emperor & LowDo You Know How To Waltz?
Appendix Outsecond perthshire house song + round reel of eight + twelve of them + hay bale blues

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